Friday, October 28, 2005

Shiloh Leaves Us

Sweet Shiloh crossed the Rainbow Bridge yesterday afternoon. He went to the internist with Jim for follow-up in dealing with his urinary tract infection. Shiloh was playing with his catnip mouse (his favorite) just before he (and Scooter) left for his appointment. He passed away at the hospital in my arms, with Scooter alongside, as we tried to figure out why he went so quickly from normal kitty to having seizures. It seems that his congenital defects caught up with him, and he was actually in massive kidney failure, and may have had Addison's Disease also; the extra stress of a vet visit brought it all to the forefront. I've never seen lab work like his from a cat (or dog) that wasn't already in the hospital and in critical care.
We so deeply miss this little angel ~ he taught us so much about overcoming physical challenges and unconditional love. I will miss his "hugs" as much as Scooter misses his wrestling partner. We were truly blessed to have loved him for the short time we had...

Good News for Jim

Jim saw the internist for a recheck yesterday, and he's responding well to his medications. He's gained 3lbs, and his lab work is good! He will stay on life-long medications at this point, but we will be reducing the amounts over the next month. He's decided getting daily pills is a good thing ~ they come with lots of kitty treats!

Saturday, October 22, 2005

A New Play Yard

Today we finished a small play yard for Scooter & Shiloh. We've been waiting for them to grow some before introducing them to the other cats that live in the "Kitty Cabana". But, they're not growing at "normal kitten speed". So, we decided to create 10' x 12' yard for them, complete with clumping grasses, bushes, and even oat grass and catnip to chew on! This is a picture of Shiloh sitting outside the "cat house". Scooter missed the picture, as he was trying to figure out how to scale the fence and investigate the shade cloth roof!

Friday, October 14, 2005

Scooter & Shiloh Recycle

For Scooter & Shiloh, anything has "toy potential". A grocery bag can carry groceries, but also works well as a cat bed and playhouse. And when it's torn and tattered beyond recognition, into the recycling bin it goes... fun for the kitties and good for the planet!

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Good News & Bad News

The bad news ~ we learned today that sweet Jim has intestinal lymphoma. He had been dropping weight pretty quickly with normal blood work, so today he saw our Internist for an ultrasound. Everything else on the inside is ok, so he's starting a drug regime of medications designed to slow down the disease, and help him be more comfortable, maybe even gain a little weight. The good news ~ Melody is now fit enough to be spayed & have her mammary tumors removed! It will be sheduled in the coming month when we can closely watch her during her recovery. Look at the change in her face in the photo below ~ she's smiling now! I think she's finally found a place to call home!

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Our website has a new look!

Please check out our website if you haven't visited recently. We have a new look & more pictures of the animals!