Saturday, September 19, 2009

How Cute Is This??

Meet our newest addition! He goes by the name "Lucky Peter" but I'm pretty sure we'll be shortening that before long. Dedicated local rescuers found him and another kitty near a dumpster in Chula Vista. The other kitty is healthy and in search of a forever home. Both were covered in fleas and filth; they were lucky to be so young and survive outside in our extreme summer temperatures.

This little guy ~ he's here because he's far from normal. He has trouble with his hind legs, with abnormal nerve supply on one side. His physical with our veterinarian Dr. Booman yielded some surprising "extras". He also has intestinal motility issues (he backs up in the poop department) and he also has an abdominal hernia. He has coccidia, a treatable intestinal parasite too. He's pretty darn young, about 5 weeks old, and weighs less than 1 pound right now ~ even tinier than Scooter was when he came to live with us!

Right now, he's on medication to improve his gi function (get the poop out!), plus medication to treat his parasites. He's also been started on a low residue diet, like Scooter, to help keep the stool volume smaller. He's a real love sponge who wants nothing more than to be carried around in a pocket or hidden in your shirt so he can nap. He's a cutie who will give Scooter a run for his money as he gets older!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Nothing Like A Good Nap...

to refresh you! Ms. Maggie curled up on the new quilt in her room today and napped the entire afternoon away. Her keen sense of time, however, had her wide awake in time for dinner!

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Um, What Do You Mean Manicure?

Pax, our beautiful Ring-neck Dove, had an appointment with a pair of nail clippers this afternoon. He is permanently handicapped after having a broken leg heal in the wrong direction. It points out to the side as you can see in the picture. He's never learned to perch, and lives on a carpeted surface so he doesn't get pressure sores. The down side is he also doesn't wear down his nails like a normal scavenging, perching bird.

Bird nail trims are even more delicate than those of a dog or cat. They can bleed profusely if trimmed too close (no pressure!), or even die from the stress of handling. I'm happy to report that with Steve holding him, he was the perfect gentleman, the nail trim went well, and Pax didn't get too stressed out. He's happily eating this evening!

Dog Bed?

Cameron has decided that everything "dog" is also "cat" or at least "cat friendly". From dog beds to water bowls to dog food bowls, this little girl has no trouble in putting her little 6lb body right in the middle of whatever the dogs want to use. The more dogs that want to use it, the better!

Our critters have been faring fairly well in our 100 degree plus temperatures. All kitties are eating canned food in order to keep them eating, Piggie is getting hosed down twice a day plus a huge mud hole to lay in, and well the dogs have to be coerced to go outside to pee! And, thankfully, we have no fires burning in our part of the world. Here's hoping for a fire-free fall!