Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Sweet Skyler Left Us Today...

And the kitty room is much quieter this evening. Skyler's inoperable tumor on his tail continued to grow and we have been grateful for every day we've had with him. He's been active and eating well, even this morning. But, the tumor broke open and began draining, and became very painful for him.

He had a canned food feast for breakfast, and then I smooched and loved on him and said goodbye as Dr. Booman euthanized him. He was a wonderful old man and we will really miss him...

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Where's Hot Rod?

Well Piggie's not the only one who goes into hiding when the weather turns chilly. It took a whole lot more searching to find Hot Rod, who was in one of the "cat-gloo" beds in the Cabana yard. Calling "kitty, kitty" didn't work...
but bringing out the food bowl did!

Our Newest Kitty Room...

Is coming along! This is a 6'x8' room with a small yard that is just outside our back door. It will house 3-4 kitties very comfortably and will have a ceiling fan to keep cool in the summer, and plenty of outlets for heated cat beds in the winter. The boulders in the picture will be included in the yard, so there will be plenty of sunning opportunities too!

Where's Piggie?

As we prepared for the cold and wet weather, we trucked in lots of grass hay to use as bedding for the goats and for Miss Piggie. She snuggled in almost immediately! She buries herself so deeply that a couple of times I had to look twice to find her. And yes, she was served breakfast in bed on a couple of frosty mornings. She looked soooo comfy, why not??

He's Getting Bigger!

Petey's growing every day and here he is after his weight training workout! Not really, he and Timmy, his new roommate, are currently living in our weight room. There aren't too many "safe" places 2lb. kitties can spend the day. I'm hoping they grow soon, because they are small enough to squeeze through all of our chain link fences!
This is Timmy, our newest little guy. He's absolutely gorgeous, but he's a Manx with all of the associated troubles. We spent about the first week he was here just trying to get his bowels functioning and getting him to eat again. He's been improving ever since, and loves hanging out with Petey!