Tuesday, December 15, 2009

He's Getting Bigger!

Petey's growing every day and here he is after his weight training workout! Not really, he and Timmy, his new roommate, are currently living in our weight room. There aren't too many "safe" places 2lb. kitties can spend the day. I'm hoping they grow soon, because they are small enough to squeeze through all of our chain link fences!
This is Timmy, our newest little guy. He's absolutely gorgeous, but he's a Manx with all of the associated troubles. We spent about the first week he was here just trying to get his bowels functioning and getting him to eat again. He's been improving ever since, and loves hanging out with Petey!

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Unknown said...

HI all!

This is Maureen, Timmy's "mom" prior to you taking him in at Golden Hearts. It was wonderful to see his picture and to hear that he's getting through all the bowel stuff that was so devastating! He is definitely the sweetest tempered cat we ever had and it does us so much good to know how well he's doing with you and Petey! Bless you guys for all you do!