Sunday, May 27, 2007

Where's Ballou?

While many folks are enjoying Memorial Day picnics and outings, we used it as a weekend to catch up on grooming ~ the bigger projects that take a long time to complete. So, after the dogs were all bathed (it takes 2 hours), Ballou was next up. He stays in a short haircut, called a "lion cut" in order to make his care easier on both of us.

So, his "spa day" starts out with a bath and towel dry, then a brush out, then... the clippers come out! Ballou is pretty patient now and will almost let me complete the entire clip job in one sitting. He did opt out of the final photo after his transformation, so a picture will come later!

Sunday, May 13, 2007

The 3 Muskateers

How cute are the "Kentucky 3"? From left to right, Marci, Phoenix, and Waldo seem to enjoy hanging out together. Marci & Phoenix came to us on a cross-country drive, while Waldo flew. Maybe they spend the day swapping stories, maybe they compare travel methods. Either way, wherever one is, the others are sure to follow!