Thursday, May 04, 2006

A Very Busy Week (Or Two!)

It's been pretty busy here lately, so here's one large blog to give you an update to everything!
~ April 28 we welcomed MeiLi, an elderly Siamese from New Beginnings for Animals in Orange County, here into her own room at the sanctuary.

~ My dad has been out to visit and help with projects. He brought his 3 young adult Labs with him; they enjoyed a vacation filled with digging in the dirt and wrestling, while dad's mechanic and construction skills were put to good use! Thanks dad!

~ May 1st was Scooter's 1 year birthday. Happy birthday little one!

~ Yesterday brought exams at the internist for Leonard and MeiLi. Leonard's heart is responding to his medication, so he'll stay at his current dose and have a recheck in 3 months. MeiLi also had an exam. She came to us with a lung cancer diagnosis, so we asked Dr. Slusser to review her records; he wanted to test her for Cryptococcus, a fungal infection to rule it out too.

~ Today we received MeiLi's blood results, which were negative. She's scheduled to have anesthesia next Thursday to have fine needle aspirates and cytology done.

~ Today Luna had an exam and urinalysis. She's started losing bladder control while lying down. She doesn't have a bladder infection, but does have at least 3 vertebrae along her spine which are causing discomfort. She'll have an x-ray next week to see if these are arthritic changes or something more serious. In the meantime, she's taking Rimadyl as an anti-inflammatory medication.

~ Friday through Sunday brings the wonderful opportunity to attend a Level 2 Healing Touch for Animals course in Tucson. This leaves the sanctuary critters in Steve's capable hands. Next week I will have pictures of MeiLi, the Tucson course, and more from the sanctuary!