Thursday, September 22, 2005

Shiloh Gives Us A Scare

Little Shiloh gave us quite a scare ~ his urethra plugged, making it impossible for him to urinate. We were able get his system working again, fortunately without an anesthetic procedure and urinary catheter. He will be on antibiotics long-term to clear up the associated bladder infection. He saw our internist today to confirm that his bladder, kidneys, and other organs are normal ~ which they are. He will be receiving daily fiber supplementation to keep his colon working well in addition to daily bladder checks.
I'm happy to report that he's now feeling much better and back to playing with his catnip mice (and Scooter) again!

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bcook said...

Oh, Shiloh! Be careful and take care of yourself. Your sister's foster mom and I check on you and hope the best for you. Sis went to spay last week and is going through a rough patch herself. It's like you two are still connected!