Saturday, November 12, 2005

Melody Has Surgery

Melody returned home this morning after an overnight stay following surgery at Veterinary Surgical Specialists in San Diego. Dr. Lenehan spayed her and removed all six of her mammary tumors, not quite a radical mastectomy on each side; four mammary glands which are tumor-free remain. She recovered well, and thankfully with no seizures. She's now snuggled in warm blankets on the couch, sleeping off the whole experience. She was not the most pleasant patient for the hospital technicians to care for ~ with an incision running from the end of her ribcage down to her vulva, who could blame her? Since she wouldn't let anyone touch her, I was off early this morning to do her catheter and bandage removal, clean her up, then bring her home. She curled up in my lap at the hospital as I gingerly removed the belly bandage and then pulled her IV catheter. She was very good for me despite feeling incredibly lousy!
We'll know the results of her biopsies by the end of the week. In the meantime, she'll have 2 weeks of restricted activity, and has to wear a t-shirt so she doesn't chew at the incision. There won't be any wrestling matches allowed, but hopefully with the extra pampering and biscuits, she won't even notice!

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