Tuesday, November 22, 2005

New Arrivals!

Thanksgiving came early for all of us this year. We were blessed to have 2 beautiful new kitties travel cross-country just to move into the sanctuary. Marci (pictured on the left) and Phoenix (on the right) made their way here by car with the help of Beth, a wonderful volunteer from the Grayson County Humane Society in Leitchfield Kentucky (Shiloh's hometown). She drove them the 2,000 plus miles to California so they could enjoy life here at the sanctuary.
I received an e-mail about Marci a couple of months ago describing a kitten that had trouble breathing, was very lethargic at times, and probably had a diaphragmatic hernia. Time can do wonderful things, and this sweet girl has adjusted quite well to her condition. As a matter of fact, don't feel sorry for her, she races around as fast as she can, stops to catch her breath, then starts up again! It was felt that car travel at a lower altitude would be safer than flying her here. This is either an old injury or a genetic defect; either way, it certainly doesn't slow her down! She will be seeing our internist after Thanksgiving for an evaluation to see if this can be surgically repaired.
Phoenix is a beautiful white kitty with a horrible skin condition. The folks at the humane society said she came in with red, scabby sores all over her. They've tried with their veterinarians to come up with a diagnosis and treatment plan, but nothing has worked yet. We're hoping to create a wellness plan for her here utilizing both traditional and holistic medicine, and lots of hugs!
We look forward to swapping stories with Beth (and the dogs are looking for extra cookies) during her visit with us. The animals in Kentucky are lucky to have such a dedicated person working on their behalf!

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