Thursday, December 08, 2005

Marci Smiles For The Camera!

It's hard to believe this little girl, ready to spring into action with Scooter, was just a couple of hours ago holding completely still for x-rays and an ultrasound ~ very hard for a kitten to do! Marci saw Dr. Slusser, our internist at Animal Internal Medicine today. After thoroughly examining her, he still can't believe that Marci feels as good as she does! The x-rays do confirm that most of the organs that are normally found in the abdomen are in fact up in her chest. Only part of her colon, her kidneys and her bladder are in the right locations; part of her liver is even wrapped around her heart. She will be seeing the surgeon on the 29th for a consult on her surgical options. In the meantime, she's not planning on slowing down!

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