Saturday, December 31, 2005

A New Year... And A New Resident!

2006 brings a new beginning for a new resident who arrived today!

The New Beginnings Animal Rescue in Orange County contacted us originally about taking a young kitty with health problems; he's since become adoptable as his problems were corrected (yeah for him!) They had however, a second kitty who basically just needed a break.

Pepper is a 14 year old grey tabby who is truly the perpetual pessimist! She greeted all of us with a wonderful low, continuous growl, which is apparently how she spent quite a bit of her time in rescue too. In and out of homes and rescue, her senior years have definitely not been "golden." We're hoping to help her deal with her issues using our Shining Spirits flower essences.

We'll post pictures soon. Here's hoping that, in 2006, Pepper can start seeing the cat food dish as half-full instead of half-empty!

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bcook said...

How lucky for Pepper! I hope she feels comfortable and at home soon!