Sunday, June 11, 2006

Now He's Got A Fan Club!

Scooter expects fan mail any day now! And he tells me he'll read and reply to every letter, signing it "Scooter, GHAS Ambassador". Scooter and I, along with Dr. Booman, our regular veterinarian (and my boss!) hit the road Friday night to do a presentation for a troop of Junior and Senior Girl Scouts in Oceanside. Dr. Booman spoke about animal laws, environmental hazards and careers with animals. I, on the other hand, had laryngitis, so Scooter did most of the talking! We told the girls about the sanctuary and its variety of residents. Scooter demonstrated his charm; they were surprised he doesn't expect sympathy, he just wants to have a chance at life (and to play!), just like all of the animals here.

This is just the start to our educational outreach programs. There may be no living with Scooter, now that he's a star!

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