Friday, August 18, 2006

New Friendships

It hasn't taken long for Tess to make friends with everyone. I was afraid a new dog would be a hard sell for Melody, who can be really ugly in new situations. Tess and Melody became fast friends, as did Tess and Maverick, Quincy and Luna too.

Tess can be found running and playing hard or wrestling after breakfast first with Melody, then when she's worn out, Tess moves on to play chase with Maverick. That continues till he's tired, then she grabs a tennis ball and plays fetch with herself - she tosses the ball in the air and then chases it, which rounds out her morning. The whole cycle repeats itself after dinner - boy I wish I had her energy!

The crates in the picture above are used for feeding Scooter and Waldo, in order to make sure each kitty eats only his meal. Tonight, they got a dinnertime show too!

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HSUhomefinder said...

Lesli here. I am happy to see Tess (Nessy) on the site and doing sooooo well. (Hi everyone I contacted Stacy about making Golden Hearts her permanent home.)
I will keep looking to see any new posts on her. She looks happy and content and that will make everyone here happy. Thank you for taking such GREAT care of her.
HSU kennel tech