Sunday, September 10, 2006

Friends Come In All Sizes

It took some time, but Waldo's finally come to accept there are dogs in his life now. He's even taken to snuggling up with them at naptime too. Here he is with Luna while he waits for breakfast - she doesn't mind, she makes sure that all the canned food is completely cleaned up!
Waldo went to TriCity Veterinary Clinic yesterday to see Dr. Porte. We talked about the best way to deal with his ouchy mouth problems. On Tuesday, Waldo will go in to have his teeth pulled and the growth in his mouth will be evaluated and biopsied. Mouth problems such as his are often remedied by pulling all the teeth, as the body "attacks" them. Aside from "gumming" his food afterward, he should do just fine, without the constant need for steroids. Dr. Porte will also be able to get a close-up look at everything going on in Waldo's mouth without poor Waldo being awake for it!

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