Saturday, September 16, 2006

Tess Goes To School!

Tess & I started Basic Obedience class today with our favorite trainer Liz Palika of Kindred Spirits Dog Training. Tess was a little unsure of the car ride at first (after all, she did go by herself) but then became very excited when she saw dogs of all shapes and sizes ready to play - at least that's what she thought!

Today was an introductory day, so most of our time was spent sitting and listening (or trying to in a class of 25 excited dogs or so!) We then worked on the "sit" command and did some more talking afterward. Obedience in a group class is an important step in the overall socializing and training process for Tess as she works toward her career as sanctuary ambassador. This last picture is a tired Tess on her way home, where she took an even longer nap!

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