Monday, June 25, 2007

Mel & Ernie...

Get their own yard! These two guys were "hired" to provide protection for the goats and warn of predators. Unfortunately, one of their favorite hobbies is herding the goats. Fun for them, but goaties really didn't find it entertaining; this often meant confining them just to give the goats a break. So, we made the decision to move them beside the goats, giving them their own space, but still leaving them in a prime guard goose location.

They have a 6'x10' shaded "goose" run for cleaning time confinement & afternoon shade, 2 large pools for swimming (and yes, they will often share the same one), a "goose house" for shelter, and a 12'x32' yard to play in.

Now the geese can patrol and the goaties can nap in peace!

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