Wednesday, October 24, 2007

It's A New Day!

The new morning brings a new opportunity for firefighters to get a handle on all of the fires in San Diego. The fires closest to us are starting to merge, creating a huge fire line. Fortunately, it is still on the outskirts of town. Unfortunately, the quiet winds we had yesterday evening and overnight are now picking up speed again. Sounds like one of those "I've got good news & bad news" situations!
The animals are doing well. The cats have all been let back out into their play yards after I washed and watered them down. The goats and geese and horses are all doing well also. Our biggest chore is keeping clean water available because of the blowing dirt and ash. Inside, the dogs are napping after spending the night watching the latest "visitor" to the household - our neighbor's bunny, who's not quite sure what to make of the situation!

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