Monday, October 29, 2007

Poppy Has An Endoscopy...

And feels incredibly sorry for himself afterward! He's been losing weight and having trouble with diarrhea and gas pains. The steroid injections and diet changes worked for a few months, but seemed to lose their effectiveness. He had an abdominal ultrasound a couple of weeks ago, which was pretty boring (that's good!) and had a fecal culture done too. With all tests negative and normal, endoscopy became the next step.

An endoscopy for cats (and dogs) is done the same as it is for people, under general anesthesia. A flexible endoscope is passed first down the esophagus, looking at the first part of the digestive tract; then, kitty is turned around and the scope goes the other direction! Biopsies are taken along the way in both directions. They've been sent out for a pathologist to read and we should have results by Wednesday.

Poppy hated not having breakfast, and he didn't find an enema much fun either. The pictures were taken after the procedure, when he was awake but probably seeing double, and definitely when he felt sorry for himself! He was a good patient, and spent much of the day hiding under the towels in his cage. I think he was worried we'd come up with other ideas for torture!

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