Saturday, May 31, 2008

He Has A Name...

And it's Charlie! He's adjusting well to life filled with treats, nylabones, and tennis balls. His x-rays we had done last Friday took a few days to have our general practitioner Dr. Booman and our internist Dr. Slusser review them. We also asked our favorite surgeon Dr. Lenehan to take a peek at them too. He has a fuzzy area on one rib which may be the start of osteosarcoma, but no one wants to call it cancer yet, since it doesn't fit the classic presentation. We all collectively agreed to re-xray him in a month to see if there are any changes.

In the meantime, Charlie has gained 5lbs in a week, loving any form of food at any time! He has started a cough ~ probably kennel cough, so for now his activities are limited; no trips out shopping or to the beach until he heals! He's starting to play with toys a little and has even taken Tess' tennis ball away from her once or twice, leaving her I'm sure to wonder why he didn't bring his own!

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