Friday, December 26, 2008

We Said Goodbye to Poppy Today...

After his long battle with IBD, cancer, and pancreatitis. His symptoms had worsened over the last few days, and this morning he didn't want to help feed, or be held, or do any of his favorite activities. We tearfully told MeiLi it was time to help him along in his journey, as she maintained a constant bedside vigil with him, grooming his face and snuggling with him. He passed very peacefully in my arms as Dr. Booman euthanized him.

We also said tearful goodbyes to "Honorary Golden Heart" Murphy, who spent 15 wonderful years caring for his guardian Valerie. He was always welcomed by all of our dogs during his visits with us. He will be deeply missed, and our hearts go out to his mom.
It's never easy to say goodbye, as we have had to do all too often this past year.

Rest in peace, sweet boys. You will always be close to our hearts...

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