Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Hopin' and Wishin'...

finally paid off! BB is finally starting to poop, and yes, I did a little happy dance! It's been a tough week post-op for her. She's been getting routine syringe feedings to fight hepatic lipidosis. She's been getting subcutaneous fluids and medications injected daily, but they just haven't been enough.

Yesterday she went back in for x-rays and another ultrasound, which showed that things were on their way out, just moving very slowly. We changed around her medications ~ BB now takes the same medications as Scooter. Lactulose is a medication that softens stool, and Cisapride is a medication to help improve motility. Both of these are very untasty (unless your name is Scooter!) so we've created a concoction of medications and baby food that she now takes 3 times a day. 24 hours into the new medication regime, we have success, which makes her prognosis much better. The longer she went, the more grim the outlook.

And, after opening many cans of everything from Friskies to Fancy Feast, we've finally found a food she likes ~ skinless chicken breast. Now she and MeiLi are both enjoying chicken 3 times a day too!

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