Saturday, February 07, 2009

A New Friend for MeiLi...

Arrived this morning! Here are the girls enjoying a lunchtime snack. BB is a sweet lil' ol' lady kitty who was left somehow to fend for herself on the San Diego streets, and a very kind lady came to her rescue. The shelter told her that this cutie was at least 15 years old and would be euthanized due to her 'old' age, so she did what any of us animal loving folks would do ~ she took her home!
We had put out an "APCB" (all-points cat bulletin) several weeks ago, looking for a buddy for MeiLi. In spite of our best efforts, MeiLi was no longer thriving as she had been when she was a "nurse" for Poppy. We had hoped that at some point, there would be a senior in need, someone who would enjoy long naps on a heated blanket and puttering around; most of our seniors really enjoy playing outside in their yards all day, and couldn't be bothered to slow down!
Through the folks at Rescue House, we connected with BB's guardian who was trying to find a suitable retirement home for her (her own 4 young kitties just didn't fit the ticket!). They braved a pretty impressive rainstorm to come out this morning. BB will have an exam and some bloodwork done on Monday to make sure everything's okay, as she may have some kidney disease and she certainly has arthritis.
Thanks BB (and Christina) for making an old Siamese happy!

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