Sunday, January 03, 2010

Shiloh Rings In The New Year!

The newest member of the Golden Hearts family finally came home today! This is Shiloh, an Aussie, who came to us from the Pet Rescue Center. She was pulled from a shelter in San Bernardino, and the rescue thought she was a 4 year old. Well, once they picked her up, it became apparent that she hadn't seen 4 years of age in a really long time!

She suffers from severe arthritis, she was treated for pneumonia, and had to have a huge grooming makeover. She was matted to the bone everywhere, and her toenails were grown around in to her footpads, making her painful walk even worse. The rescue took care of her major issues, but where do you find a home for a 14 year old (yes, she's all of 14) arthritic and malnourished dog? Here, of course!

She's quite the lovebug. She loves to eat. She enjoys the other dogs. She finds cats fascinating. She is arthritic, but the Metacam she's on really seems to help. She does have difficulty seeing. She seems to have some eye problems and will need to see our opthamologist. She has some sores that are healing too. She's hard of hearing, but not totally deaf. And her spirit is healing the longer she's here ~ her personality is really starting to come out! She'll get the once over from all our docs over the next couple of weeks to make sure she's on the right track.

Welcome home, Shiloh!

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