Sunday, April 15, 2007

An Old Timer Update

Friday brought some "routine maintenance" for a couple of the older furkids here. Luna has an eyelid growth which from time to time begins to grow down and irritate her eye. She's such a patient girl, that with a local and a topical anesthetic and plenty of cookies afterward, our primary care veterinarian Dr. Booman is able to trim off the part that rubs on the eye. Luna gets eye medication at least two to three times daily ongoing now to keep both eyes lubricated and comfortable for her.

Leonard had some dental tartar scraped from his teeth (always a two-person proposition!) plus some blood work done too. The dogs and cats who qualify as "senior" or who have ongoing medical problems have blood panels done yearly (or more often if needed). It was Leonard's turn, and he took it all in stride, purring the entire time!

Results came back for Leonard on Saturday, and he's looking great! He has early kidney disease, which is to be expected at 17 years old. The values are low, however, so coupled with his heart disease, everything's manageable at this point. He actually looks better "on paper" than he did last year!

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