Tuesday, April 24, 2007

The Pet Food Recall...

Unfortunately has reared its ugly head amongst our sanctuary animals. Someone started vomiting late last week in Poppy & MeiLi's room. It took a day or so to figure out who the culprit was - no one would 'fess up to it! Poppy has been on a diet trial for the last couple of weeks on Royal Canin's HP23, a hypoallergenic diet. He got sick roughly 3 days before the recall of his food...

Vomiting, lethargy, & lack of appetite have been his primary problems. His lab work has been okay so far, but he does have the telltale crystals in his urine which indicate melamine is working its way through his kidneys. He is at home, where our primary care veterinarian Dr. Booman is providing supportive care, which is all we can do for him. He's receiving subcutaneous fluids 3 times daily now, plus B Complex, Reglan (for nausea) and antibiotic injections as needed. He's also taking Pepcid, and Cyproheptadine, which is an appetite stimulant.

While he's feeling perkier and the vomiting has stopped, he still won't eat ~ at least more than a teaspoon a day. That's not much for an 11 pound kitty! We're walking a tight rope now, balancing his IBD problem with finding something he'll eat on his own. I'm hoping that syringe feeding him for a few days will jump-start his appetite.

Please keep Poppy & all of those affected by the pet food recalls in your thoughts & prayers.
Please check the FDA's website for current recall lists ~ don't rely on the news media to keep you up-to-date. You can find the list at www.fda.gov.

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