Monday, June 23, 2008

Leonard Left Us...

Sweet Leonard, our beautiful moustached kitty, crossed the Rainbow Bridge Friday morning. He fought hard in his battle with cancer, but it had spread, and his colon, lymph nodes, and liver had all become involved.

He quit eating on Wednesday, but let me syringe feed him baby food. He came in the house and spent time watching TV on our laps Wednesday and Thursday. I could tell onThursday that he was uncomfortable, since he was going to work with me during the day. I gave him a little Torbugesic elixir (a pain medication) on Thursday night and I held him in my arms as we tearfully euthanized him on Friday morning.

I let Hot Rod and Rocky see him afterward so they would understand that their guardian, "Chief Cat" was not coming home. Hot Rod curled up with him and bathed him for a couple of minutes; Rocky came over and sniffed and disappeared under a bush. He didn't come out for a meal until Sunday night. Leonard's warm outgoing personality and his gentle way of caring for our kitties in need are irreplaceable and will be deeply missed....

Rest in peace gentle spirit!

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