Monday, September 15, 2008

Good News For Liberty!

Liberty had a recheck two weeks ago with Dr. Steele at the Eye Clinic for Animals, and we're happy to report that the abscess behind her eye has healed! She has some damage to the optic nerve in that same eye resulting in tunnel vision, but she gets to keep her eye.

Today she had a recheck with Dr. Slusser our internist where once again she was anesthetized. This time, she had skull radiographs done, just to make sure that she didn't have a tumor or bone infection as the primary cause of her inability to open her mouth normally. Great news here too ~ everything looks normal and her tempromandibular joints are intact. So, the cause of her inability to open her mouth normally stems from scar tissue that built up over time because of the abscess.

How frustrating ~ this all could have been prevented with some simple routine maintenance ~ foxtail checks or toothbrushing would have unveiled this situation early on, before it became a problem. We worked to break down the scar tissue a little today, but she won't be undergoing ongoing procedures since she can eat and drink just fine.

She's a very happy girl, who has really taken a liking to Maverick!

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