Wednesday, April 08, 2009

What Do You Think Of My New Bed?

It's been busy around here as we continue our daily animal care chores, our regular 7-6 jobs, and our special projects for the animals ~ the dog yards/rooms are our largest undertaking yet! We were able to take a break this past weekend with the opportunity to introduce some wonderful animal advocates to our golden oldies! Leo had a chance to meet his shelter angel Renee and two of her friends in person, and darn it if I didn't get out the camera....

Renee also brought wonderful treasures including cat food, cat toys and beds, and dog food. The animals were excited to meet everyone, with Scooter charming as always, the dogs happy to enjoy hugs, and Leo cuddling in Renee's arms ~ a really neat moment! What was just as amazing was to watch the "Lil' Old Lady Coffee Club" when they got new beds. MeiLi snuggled right in, Maggie curled up after inspecting them, and Cameron, well as you can see, she enjoyed a photo opportunity with a purr of satisfaction!

I'm happy to report that Cameron's latest recheck of her labwork shows that the supplements and subcutaneous fluids have lowered her kidney values considerably ~ 2 of the 3 numbers are normal! I don't know how long it will last, but that coupled with weight gain - she's now 5lbs - are good signs for her future. She is on a new antibiotic for her high white blood cell count which seems to be helping too. This perky little girl runs to the fridge as fast as Scooter!

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