Friday, May 01, 2009

Meet Pax!

Pax joined our family a couple of months ago. He (she?) broke his leg in an outdoor aviary. Birds can heal pretty quickly, and by the time the injury was discovered, the leg already began to heal at an almost 90 degree angle. It made him unable to use it, and unable to stay with other birds who would pick on the weakened one. Pax is a beautiful Ring-neck Dove, who lives in a 28"x 42" enclosure situated on the top of Roger rabbit's hotel ~ keeping him up high where he can see everything going on and the dogs can't "play" with him!

Now, you may ask, how do you accomodate a handicapped bird? He has a shallow dish (a plant saucer) for bathing, a carpeted floor, and low dishes for food and drinking water. Not being able to perch poses some challenges. The carpet keeps sores from forming on his legs as he hops around. The plant saucer bathing dish gives him a chance to stay clean without worrying about drowning!

Pax will work with us to teach people that with a little imagination, even special needs birds can have a full life!

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