Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Meet Kismet!

Kismet joined us a couple of weeks ago. He hails from the Central shelter, where there was concern about upper respiratory infection and a drooling problem that he had. It turns out that the respiratory infection cleared quickly and the drooling ~ well, that's just what he does when he's happy.

And when is he happy? When ever someone is petting him, talking to him, or near him! He is a larger boy, weighing in at 15lbs, with, well, a little extra in the middle. He does like to eat! But, he enjoys humans so much more that he leaves his food for the chance at a lap!

We always change the name of an animal as it comes from the shelter, that is until now. Kismet fits this handsome guy so well, we just decided it should stick! He is living in the Cabana, which now has the nickname "grey tabby manor" since everyone there is a grey tabby to some degree. While Pepper thinks he's cute, she's quick to point out her "queen" status. And the boys are a little intimidated by his size, but all are settling in well together!

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